setup netgear router

How To Setup Your Netgear Router?

Setting up the Netgear Router through or via 192.168.l.l at the first time or after factory reset is a tedious task if the user is technically incapable. But by following few simple steps, we may bring down the difficulty level to zero. Yes, almost zero. In this article you will find a video showing you on how you can setup the NETGEAR Router correctly from the initial stage even though the WiFi router is not working like you desired. You can configure the same with DSL broadband modem with a DSL connection if you feel the range is not enough with the standard modem.

setup netgear router

Connecting Netgear Wireless Router to a computer through the website is not a challenging task. All you need is to invest some time. Firstly, take the wireless router, connect the network cable to the colored LAN port. Based on the type of the router, you will get different available LAN ports switches like 2 or 4. From the open LAN port, connect one of the cables to the router and another end to the computer. In case if you are using DSL network connection, watch the video carefully to know how to get it work.

How do I log into my Netgear router?

Most important part is making the router to work according to the user requirement. Configuration part of NETGEAR Router involves getting the login page, enabling security, broadcasting wireless network, etc. Most of the work is trying to get routerlogin page. If you are not able to resolve the admin page at, we have explained better in the video. Check it out.

So, What is router login?

If you take any router say like Netgear in this case, there should some interface to setup or configure the active internet connection. To trigger that interface we have a dedicated private IP address for every manufacturer. But remembering the IP address to setup the wireless network connection is a bit difficult, right? So, to avoid that, Netgear has a website called where the customers can access the WiFi router settings.

Step 1: Connect the Router

First of all, you need to connect your router like it should be. Follow the image below and setup your device exactly. The first image represents the connection method without Modem and another one is with optical fiber or DSL. Failing to attach the router will result in not getting the routerlogin page to modify the core settings that improves the network security.

It is recommended to reboot the modem after connecting the Wi-Fi device. Otherwise you may end up getting ‘Page cannot be displayed’ error.

Step 2: Turn ON the Router

Once you arrange the wireless router exactly like shown in the above image, power on the modem and router. Make sure that the power LED lights lit up on the modem and router as well. You need to wait for few minutes until the warning symbol disappear at the network adapter icon.

If you still see the warning icon at the network icon after few minutes of switching on the router, contact your ISP as soon as possible.

Step 3: Connect your PC to Network

Now, it is the time configure the Netgear Router or any kind of modem. First of all, turn on the WiFi adapter on your Laptop. You will now see the manufacturer name of the router in available wireless connections. Connect to it using the default login credentials that come with retail box.

Tip: After unboxing the wireless device, find the instruction manual and keep it safe. When ever you reset the router to the default settings, you will need this piece of paper that contains the factory login credentials.

Step 4: Accessing page

For Netgear, it would be the or If you are with other manufacturer, then the login IP address would be or For Linksys router it is Without getting the login dashboard of the desired router, it is not possible to setup the device as desired.

Step 4: Changing necessary details

After successful login into the router dashboard, a user can modify various settings like changing Wi-Fi SSID Name, password of the router and can even reset the router to default settings. When the admin gets control over the router settings, they can monitor each and every network traffic and can terminate the device with unusual activity. An administrator can enable or disable the parental controls (if the router supports this feature) while giving access to certain websites.

These settings differ from brand to brand. It is advised to check the instruction booklet to know exactly the way to configure the router according to their design.

What do you do if you forget the router password?

If you failed to get the admin page of the device after entering the correct username and password, then you should probably have to reset the password of the Netgear Router. Don’t get tensed. By doing this, the warranty of the device don’t get void. Moreover, it just resets the configured settings to factory defaults.

  1. First of all, take the router into the hands and turn it back. Do not turn off the power.
  2. Get the paper clip or anything similar to it and then find the ‘reset’ button.
  3. All you need to press the button for about 20 seconds until all the lights flashes up.
  4. Wait for about a minute and now try with default router credentials. Of course, it should work.
  5. In this video, he explained the entire process in 3 simple steps. Watch out now.

Hope this video helped you to know how can you get the Netgear Router Login page via, the advanced settings and the configuration part of the router using Admin Router Login. Also, you can even contact me using the comment form below if you face any difficulties after watching the configuration video of resolving webpage.

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