internet terms

Frequently used Internet Terms

The Internet and World Wide Web are fantastic mediums to broadcast messages across the globe. You can do that by just using a desktop computer, smartphone, Xbox, or any other device connected to the Internet. It consists of billions of content in different formats, linked through hyperlinks. You can send and receive information on the Internet through instant messages, email, or file sharing. You can also tap into valuable information ...

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all about paypal

What You Must Know About PayPal?

Online transactions are one of the most useful trade techniques, owing to their success to the propagation of the Internet. However, the single downside that most online money exchange facilities have to deal with is security. Among the few online purchase and money exchange platforms, Paypal has gained widespread acceptance due to its secure transaction management, one of the most trusted money transfer services since 1998. PayPal has enjoyed widespread acceptance ever ...

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internet quick references

Internet Quick References

If you are new to using the Internet, then you might want to skim through the following quick reference to make sense of some of the commonly referred terms and features. Internet Overview1. The Internet (Net) It is the broad term used for the interconnected hardware and networks of millions of devices, from desktop computers to servers, mainframes, mobile devices, smartphones, cash dispensing machines or car alarm systems, which require connectivity to ...

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