setup vonage box without router

Setup Vonage Box without a Router

This tutorial explains how you can setup a new Vonage Login Box without a Router in few simple steps. Let us review what exactly we need to establish a new healthy connection. First of all, we need to have a high-speed Internet connection which is mandatory to carry out the entire process. It might be a DSL or Cable link. This tutorial is for the one who connect their computers directly to the modem. There are many kinds of modems based on the range and features. If you use a router that connects to the computer, then check out the tutorial on how you can setup Vonage box with Router.

The next thing is an active Vonage Login account. If you don’t have an account with Vonage, do signup at by filling a registration form. It hardly takes few minutes. And yes, a Vonage box with power cord and an Ethernet cable is important. Lastly, you need to have a phone with a cord.

Setup Vonage Box without Router

Before setting up a Vonage box, do make sure that you have an active Internet connection up and running. You can test this by opening a random website or check out the system tray computer icon. It shouldn’t have any warning symbol. Assuming that your Internet is working fine, we’re moving ahead.

setup vonage box without router

#1: You need to disconnect the modem power by removing the power cord or turning off the switch held at the back of the unit. If the lights on the modem still glowing after disconnecting the power cable, the device probably has the battery backup. You must remove that battery power for this installation to fully power down the modem. Do note, if your high-speed modem uses a USB connection, you must disconnect the USB cable and use the Ethernet connection instead. If your modem doesn’t have any Ethernet port, it is not compatible with the Vonage service.

#2: Once the modem is completely off, shut down the Computer that connected to your modem.

#3: Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the back of the existing modem and connect it to the Yellow port on the back of the Vonage box.

#4: In addition, connect the blue Ethernet cable that came with the Vonage box to the blue port on the back of your Vonage box. Connect the other end of the blue cable to the Ethernet port of the modem.

Congratulations. Now you need to power up everything in order. First, wake up the high-speed modem by switching it on or reconnecting the power cord. Probably, it might take a minute or so for your modem to completely power-on.

Once your modem is on, connect the cord to the Vonage box. Since the box is new, it might take five minutes before you’re able to make calls. You can benefit from this time by restarting the computer. Now the lights on the Vonage box will light up in several sequences and wait until you get connected to the Internet.

If everything seems okay, check the Vonage box to see the blue light for the Phone 1 icon. If it is, connect the DSL telephone cable to the Port 1. Now pick up the receiver and you will hear a dial tone. You can now use the Vonage service for better quality voice calls.

If you face any difficulties while following the tutorial on how to setup Vonage Login Box without Router, do let us know via comment section below. We are watching!

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